There is an old adage which goes; “disability is not inability”. This rings true to every form of disability, including deafness, which is one of the most misunderstood physical disabilities all over the world. This site seeks to demystify all there is about people with hearing disabilities. It also provides necessary information to people who were born deaf or those who have developed the disability in later years. Some of the useful topics covered on this site include the following.

Deaf Community Etiquette

Do you know that it is rude to poke a deaf person incessantly, just because you think there is no other way to catch their attention? Well, this page tells all there is to know about the deaf community etiquette. Here, you will get explanations on how to hold conversations with deaf people, even if you are not conversant with sign language. It also delves into what is considered rude among the deaf people’s community, and how to avoid awkward situations brought about by ignorance.

You will find the rules of etiquette subdivided into what you are allowed to do when interacting with the deaf community, and what you should never do when spending time with people who are hard of hearing. It is also undoubtedly a good training ground for individuals who have just started interacting closely and personally with deaf people; for instance, those who are dating the deaf. It explores how to behave when ordering food, while accompanied by a deaf person, among other daily activities.

Frequently Asked Questions on Deaf Culture

As people struggle to understand the deaf culture, several misconceptions need clarity. This site handles the frequently asked questions (FAQ) given by people who want to know more about the deaf culture. The questions range from whether all deaf people can read sign language, to why not all deaf people have gone for cochlear implant surgery. There are also individuals who do not know that there is too much choice for people who are deaf to pick from when it comes to food they can eat, places they can visit, and how they choose to communicate. This section also clears up misconceptions such as the likelihood of having a deaf child if one is deaf, or the belief that every deaf person can clearly read lips and understand all languages.

All There is to Know About Hearing Dogs

Hearing dogs are considered a beautiful addition to a deaf person’s life. They are basically considered the ‘inner ear’ of people with hearing disabilities. The site explains the requirements of having a hearing dog; as in, what is expected from a deaf person before they are given a hearing dog. The requirements specify the age, dog care and home environment which should be in place before one is given a dog.

It also explains what hearing dogs do for a deaf person, beyond providing companionship and protection against different risks.

For people who are getting hearing dogs for the first time, this site is an excellent place to learn about how to take care of the hearing dogs and make them feel appreciated. It gives detailed instructions on primary care, and how to reward the dogs when they go out of their way to protect the deaf person.

Basically, this is a one-stop place to get all the information you need on issues which affect the deaf community. Whether you are deaf, or you know someone who is deaf, or you desperately want to improve your relationship with deaf people, this site has all the information you need. Always remember that deaf people are human, and they share the same emotions, fears and hopes of other people in the community.