When most people are asked if they know a deaf person, their response is always a mention of a few random names of deaf people they associate with. The truth is, most people do not fully understand the deaf culture. There are many stereotypes and misconceptions from people who have only basic information on deaf people. Some of the deaf culture FAQ by people who want to understand them include the following.

Is There One Universal Sign Language for Deaf People?

No. Do not imagine that deaf people share the same language just because they are short of hearing. There are several sign languages such as the American Sign Language, British and Valencian sign language. Just like other languages, sign languages are deeply influenced by cultures and beliefs which are unique to a region.

Do All Deaf People Sign?

The ability to sign, and the desire to do so, depends from one person to another. As much as many deaf people prefer to sign, many others opt to learn auditory/oral education. This form of education teaches young deaf people to read lips and understand spoken language. It also teaches them to communicate verbally.

Can All Deaf People Read Lips?

Not all deaf people can read lips, just the same way people who hear do not necessarily read lips. Deaf people sometimes find themselves learning how to read lips out of necessity when they are interacting with people who cannot use sign language.

Do Deaf People Want to Be Left Alone?

Just because they do not hear what you are saying, does not mean they want to be isolated. Depending on personalities, some deaf people want to mingle and interact with people around them. You do not necessarily have to engage in conversations. You can participate in other activities and Bingo is a popular game which you can play without talking too much.

Why Don’t All People Who Are Deaf Wear Hearing Aids?

We have heard good things about the magic of hearing aids; you probably wonder why not every deaf people have them in their ears. It depends on the hearing decibels of the person and sometimes it is a matter of preference.

Why Don’t All Deaf People Get a Cochlear Implant?

Not all causes of hearing loss can be repaired using cochlear implants. The surgery only works for people with specific hearing conditions. There are also other deaf people who do not want to go through the operation which they regard as invasive.

Do All Deaf People Have Deaf Parents?

No. Only about 10 per cent of deafness is hereditary. The rest are caused by other factors beyond genetics.

Can Deaf People Read?

Yes. Deaf people can read and write. English is a second language for most deaf people.